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About The Haviland Corporation

Since 1946, Haviland Corporation has improved the way our industry cleans. Warren and Van Haviland began manufacturing floor squeegees in a small facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Since that time, the company has grown expedientially. The growth required several moves including a move in 1974 to Linn, Missouri where the manufacturing is done today.

The company has also diversified the products manufactured as well as the industries it serves.

Some things have remained the same; Haviland is still a family owned business and manufactures products in the United States. Haviland strives to use raw materials obtained in the United States in an effort to keep jobs in America.

Haviland Family
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Haviland’s product offerings continue to grow do to the ability of Haviland’s staff in developing customized solutions for customers across a diverse range of industries, including: janitorial; food service; food processing; equipment repair; paving; health care; educational; correctional; marine and recreational.

Haviland’s experience provides us with the ability to produce unique and precise solutions. The problem solving approach is both proactive, to changes in the industries that Haviland serves, and reactive in response to inquiries.


Haviland has a strong commitment to continue manufacturing the highest quality products available to the industry. Our reputation is built on it.


Haviland’s vision is to build a strong trusted relationship with our customers, based on ethical business practices and delivering on our promises. Our mission is to continue manufacturing Haviland products in the United States, creating jobs and innovations that keep our country strong.

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See our historic company timeline below for a further look into our roots

  • 1940’s
  • 1950’s
  • 1960’s
  • 1970’s
  • 1980’s
  • 1990’s
  • 2000’s
  • 2010’s

February 1, 1946: Warren Haviland Corporation Began

Owners: Warren & Van Haviland

Location: 1810 Chouteau Ave. St. Louis, Missoui

1947: Joins NSSA, National Sanitary Supply Association

(NSSA is now ISSA, International Sanitary Supply Association)

1954-1955: Warren Serves as ISSA Secretary

1963: Name Changes to Haviland Corporation & Business Moves to 1516 St. Louis Ave. St. Louis, Missouri

Location: 1516 St. Louis Ave. St. Louis, Missouri

1965-1966: Warren Serves as ISSA District Director

1968: Manufacturing Begins on Elastomer Replacement Blades for Wet/Dry Floor Vacs & Founding Member: MASS, Manufacturers’ Association of Sanitary Supplies

1969: Randy Haviland Hired on Full Time

July 1, 1974: Moves to: 200 South Highway U. Linn, Missouri

Location: 200 South Highway U. Linn, Missouri

1979: Warren is awarded the ISSA Jack D. Ramaley Industry Distinguished Service Award

1982: First Building Expansion & Mark Haviland becomes President

1985: Manufacturing begins on: Propave line, industrial hand tools

1986: Warren Haviland Retires

Warren Haviland retires in 1986

1988: Randy Haviland becomes President & Warren Haviland is awarded the ISSA, Lou Goorland Honorary Membership Award

1989: Randy Haviland is awarded the ISSA, YES Industry Special Achievement & John H. Plant Development Awards

1990: Warren Haviland Serves on the ISSA Foundation Board

1991-1992: Randy Serves as ISSA Treasurer

1994: Second Building Expansion & Randy Haviland Serves as ISSA Vice President/President-Elect

1995: Randy Haviland Serves as ISSA President

1996: Randy Haviland Serves as ISSA Past President/International Director

1999-2000: Randy Haviland Serves on the ISSA Foundation Board

1999: Jan Haviland Hired on Full Time

2000: Randy Haviland is awarded the ISSA Jack D. Ramaley Industry Distinguished Service Award

2002: Warren Haviland Passes Away – Haviland Corporation Awarded the 1st Time Exporter of the Year Award by the Missouri Department of Economic Development

2005: Alice (Haviland) Andrews Hired on Full time

2007: Jan Haviland Becomes President

2009: Joins ABMA, American Brush Manufacturers Association

2012: Randy Haviland Passes Away

2014: Jan Haviland Becomes Principle Owner Of Haviland Corporation