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Replacement Blades

The blades are made with OEM blade material. Haviland offers other specialty blade material at an additional cost such as Neoprenes, Red Gum, Tan Gum, and Urethanes varying in flexibility, color and thickness. Other types of materials are also available. Haviland does have a “no return” policy for specialty blades.

NEW- Exclusively at Haviland

Rolls And Splashguards

AQUALIR Pro rubber was specially compounded and formulated with a proprietary Natural Rubber compound system that was developed for applications where heavy-duty impact and wear resistance in harsh real world environments are required.  AQUALIR Pro has outstanding resilience, strength and resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion.  AQUALIR Pro has been tested internationally for use with handling aggressive materials. Haviland Corporation has exclusive rights to this new rubber blend. Independent testing shows this rubber is equal to, or exceeds the current popular abrasion resistant red rubber blend. This exclusive right gives Haviland Corporation the opportunity to offer resilient elastomer blades and rolls of rubber for a fraction of the cost.

Note:  AQUALIR Pro is available in blue or red.  Custom colors are also available with agreed upon quantities and conditions.

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